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Book cover of The Immaculate Deception

2009 Award Winning Novel

2023 Re-release

When Craig Connery  a two bit thief is newly released from jail he comes across an opportunity that in the moment, he seizes without really thinking it through. He assumes a new (fake) identity which takes him across the pond from the shores of the UK all the way to a small Australian town. 

Needless to say he is on his best behaviour but with his coarse mouth and dirty mind only trouble can brew when he is introduced to the Catholic Church and all that worship there. 

This is a scandalous adventure littered with romance, comedy amidst a fast paced and quirky tale. There are life lessons amidst crazy antics learned along the way in a feel good hearty romp. Likened to a classic Benny Hill farce, this book will amuse, bemuse and leave you feeling thoroughly heart warmed. This is the re release of the 2009 award winning novel.

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