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Book cover of Green Eyes & White Lies 4

This is Book 4 in a never ending steamy romantic series, following the life and loves of car dealership tycoon Brad Monroe, the infamous playboy and sought after bachelor. Be sure to have read book 1, 2 and 3 first.

When Brad falls for a girl, that enters his dealership, he falls hard. However, the true course of love never ran smooth. Brad has to find a way to conquer his demons from a past relationship to score the one and only woman who rocks his world. As if a jealous ex isnt bad enough, he quickly realises he  needs more than his black belt in Karate to fight off the women who are scorned.His life is made hell by their fury but love will always find a way... Or will it?

A cast of realistic characters add multiple layers and intriguing dynamics as one by one their own agenda’s and skeletons are revealed. The reader will be left breathless as they experience Brads’ rollercoaster of passion, joy and pain. 

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