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A Little Snippet


CJ WEBB's Author Picture

CJ WEBB, is an accomplished Australian author of both TV and Film script and novels. She loves nothing more than escaping modern day problems  by writing a complex, fast paced and exciting book. She  been awarded accolades and praise for her ability to bring the visual medium to the written page, so that the reader can truly see and feel what is intended. 

Contemporary Vision

CJ Webb has always thought outside the box, and doesn't necessarily agree with the classic "genre" depiction. She believes that life is not like that, it encompasses, every possible human emotion, so it cannot be typecast into one solid theme. She loves pushing boundaries, so expect plenty of action, intrigue and passion in any of her novels. With a first class degree in Psychology and experience with relationships there will be plenty of pointers that add a level of reality that not only stimulates but educates in the best possible way.

Want to be published?

CJ Webb encourages and welcomes budding authors to make contact with the staff at the Scandalous Book Club which is a registered Publisher. We read all manuscripts so if the manuscript is considered print worthy, we may offer you the opportunity of showcasing your novel on the site and a full publishing package.The themes must generally have some sort of scandal attached to them however, in her opinion, true life is completely scandalous anyway. 


Please send a synopsis and bio first. 

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